It’s the perfect spacer for tiling ceilings.



"Had a chance to try the BracerSpacer® … loved the simplicity. I never thought I could tile a shower stall ceiling so easily. Highly recommend it.


- Ezra R. Hayward, CA


"I had been asking tile shops about an easy way to tile a shower and above the tub ceiling; no one could suggest an easy way to do it. I am a do it yourselfer. I found out about the BracerSpacer® and decided to give it a try. Simply amazing. Easy to use and it really holds the tile to the ceiling, and the spacer part allows me to perfectly space the tiles as well … all in one step. Very cheap."


- Ken M. Concord, CA


"Let me just say that using plywood to hold tiles to a ceiling is not the way to do it. I do this for a living and the BracerSpacer® saves me a ton of time at a very low cost. I can now take jobs that I used to turn down because it was not time efficient for me to do them. This is a good product. Wish I had known about it years ago."


- Tommy L. Tracy, CA


"The BracerSpacer® is the best product out there to tile a ceiling. It’s also very inexpensive. A package of 36 sets for around 10 bucks and they are reusable. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with it."


- Steve P. San Francisco, CA


"I have done a lot of ceilings before, but with the BracerSpacer® I have spent less time completing a ceiling that with all the other methods that I have used in the past. Now I can get more done in less time. As a professional, I would highly recommend the BracerSpacer® if you need to get a ceiling done fast."


- Todd P. Novato, CA


"Though skeptical at first, it did not take long for me to see the real value of the BracerSpacer®. The spacer is sort of like a flat spacer with two spacer bars that fit between two tiles; then inserting the screw through the hole on the flat spacer and screwing until tight hold the tiles securely until the next day. I simply unscrewed the BracerSpacer® then grouted and I was done. Both pieces are reusable. The best device of its kind that I know of. It’s works."


- Mito C. Antioch, CA


"It doesn’t get any easier with the BracerSpacer®. This device is cheap and it saves me time. It’s reusable. It’s definitely works trying."


- Brent W. Tracy, CA


"I never had the courage to do a ceiling because I did not think the process was safe. I feared that the tile would fall and cause severe bodily harm. I followed the recommendations instructions for use and it worked like a charm. Applying a layer of adhesive to the upper side of the BackerBoard and making sure to put a few screws into the ceiling joist for a strong hold was the trick. There is no way that the BackerBoard nor the tile will ever fall. And because the BracerSpacer® is so practical I was able to work alone. Nice, safe low cost way to get a ceiling done and not to have to worry about peeling, cracking ceilings in a shower stall. The BracerSpacer® is totally a cool device to use."


- Julio H. Salinas, CA


"I swear by the BracerSpacer®. Have done several jobs already. It’s easy to recommend ceiling work in bathrooms because with this device it makes the job very easy. I would say that it’s also safe, cheap and best of all I can reuse the BracerSpacer® again for other future jobs."


- Harold B. Phoenix, AZ


"I installed HardieBackerBoard as suggested. Although the BracerSpacer® has a finger grip for screwing into WonderBoard or BackerBoard, I used a battery powered screwdriver to screw into the BackerBoard, which was easy. I got a snug fit. The tile set evenly, no lip outs and with the included spacer I was able to get the same space between all tiles. For ceiling work, this was easy. Glad I tried the BracerSpacer®. It is an excellent device. If you try it you won’t be disappointed. Besides, it does not cost that much."


- Richard K. Oakland, CA


"Using the BracerSpacer® is the only way to install tiles on a bathroom shower ceiling. It saves a lot of time and it’s so easy to use."


- Jake H. Pittsburg, CA


"I am a bathroom and kitchen designer who was reading about the BracerSpacer® which seems like a very good product. I have rarely designed bathrooms shower ceilings and the space above tubs with tiles because contractors have told me that it’s just a time consuming job. I tend to think that with this BracerSpacer® product it could save installers a lot of time which might encourage them to do the ceilings. I believe that tiled ceilings could significantly enhance the looks of any bathroom and give them a more finished look. I plan to do a few bathroom ceiling designs and suggest the BracerSpacer® as a way to quickly install the tiles."


- Angie G. San Francisco, CA


"I love the BracerSpacer®. Wow, what a great product!"


- Calvin P. San Jose, CA


"I am very happy that there is now something on the market that makes easy work doing bathroom ceilings. The BracerSpacer® will make a big difference in my business."


- Herzog U. Lafayette, CA


"I expect that we will see more bathroom shower stall and tub ceilings being tiled. I say this because the BracerSpacer® will make it easy for just about anyone to complete the work in no time at all. Designers will likely include more tiled ceilings in new homes. This is a good thing. It will eliminate the ugly peeled and cracked paint that comes from ceilings being exposed to the moisture from showers and baths."


- Cinque A. Pinole, CA


"On the recommendation of a friend I decided to have my bathroom shower stall ceiling tiled. I suggested to my contractor that he use the BracerSpacer®. In fact, I gave him one just so he could see it. Anyway, he went out an acquired enough to do my bathroom. To my surprise he told me that it was the best device that he has used to install tile in the ceilings of bathrooms, and it certainly saved the most time. He says that he will definitely use it in for future jobs."


- Mabel G. Berkeley, CA


"I was able to do a bathroom ceiling shower stall in about an hour and a half. The BracerSpacer® made a huge difference. Amazingly simple. Cheap! Very safe and did not have to worry about the tile falling or pulling away before the thinset dried. Unscrewed the next day and the tiles were level. Looked really cool afterwards. Looked more complete. No more peeling paint."


- Homiay P. Oakland, CA


"The BracerSpacer® is awesome. Highly recommend. Saves lots of time on ceiling work."


- Jack D. Los Angeles, CA








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